Hi everyone out there!

As my name/tag tells you I am in to anime, Doctor Who, manga, and video games. I am also a poet, and a writer. I have been in some e-zines and am published on Amazon and Smashwords. Each week day I hope to post something entertaining, relevant, or both for you. So please mention me to your friends. But for today I feel the need to throw out a gripe. Evidently in Athens Georgia a woman left a dog in a car. Hot day, really hot inside the car. You can guess where this is headed. To a dead dog. But a guy got involved, broke a car window, saved the dog, and got charged with a crime. Because you can do that to save a child there, but not an animal. I wonder what the 22 year old girl was thinking, or was she. I also hope that Georgia fixes that law.

Have a good day,


P.S. When I review anything I will rate it 1 to 10. One being it was so bad they should be paying me for my time and ten being that it was so great that if I do not own it I am about to buy it.

Hi everyone out there!

One thought on “Hi everyone out there!

  1. adele says:

    I have read all of the reviews up to the 15th and find them very informative. And it appears that you are also a man of integrity i.e. the dog in the car. So your judgements on these games I definitely would trust. Thanks, Mark!


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