A New Day, An Old Dungeon

Hi. During break at work and some this morning I decided to grind some levels on Dungeon Hunter Alliance. It is a nice game with great sound and great graphics, especially for a handheld. Yep, I was playing it on the PlayStation Vita. It is a hard game though. I still have not finished it even once. Overall, I would give this game a 7 or maybe even an 8. The one drawback I see in this game is the lack of magic for the player. I see the fairy as a weapon and not really magic.

One hint I can give to this game is to grind out the levels. Play an area over and over again until it does not give you any more XP. I learned that the hard way on my first failed attempt. I was great and I was fast, then I hit an area that all I could do was die.

Oh if anyone is on the Xbox or PlayStation networks give me a shout out. My gamer tag on both is dichotomy1968.

Have a great one,


A New Day, An Old Dungeon

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