A Freemium worth a look

Some Freemiums I hate. You know the type. They are really demos but don’t want to be called that, so they say they have in app or game purchasing, when they really mean that to continue to play you MUST pay.

But then there are the Freemiums that you can play all the way to the end without ever spending a cent, unless you want to. Recently I ran across one of those on the PlayStation Vita named “Run Sockboy Run”.


As you can see it has nice graphic, it is entertaining, and a little addictive. It is also easy to play with easy controls so it is good for children. The only real drawback that I see to it is when you have enough bubble which you collect as you run, it will bombard you with a message that you have enough to buy something from the store. This wouldn’t be so bad if it was done once, or even after every few runs. But it gives you that message after EVERY run, until you spend those bubbles down to too few.

If it were not for that I might give this game a kid friendly 7 but it only gets a 6.

A Freemium worth a look

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