Freemium at its worst

Trying to up my trophy count and level, I have looked in to the free to play games on the PlayStation Vita. There I found an example of the worst of the Freemium lot. But before I go in to that some pictures may help.


Here is a screen shot from Desert Ashes on the Vita.


And here is one from Hydlide on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)

Notice how blocky and alike they are. The funny thing is that the Vita is an 8th generation video game system and the NES is a 3rd generation system. But the disappointments don’t end there. This is one of those Freemiums that is actually a demo. To play the majority of the campaigns you have to buy them. It does have an okay soundtrack, nothing noteworthy, just ok.

I feel I am being generous giving this a 3, had even the music been a little worse it would have garnered a 2.

Freemium at its worst

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