A bad day for a gamer

Yesterday my 360 decided to do something odd. First it turned itself on. Yep, no shittin, it turned itself on without my help. No touching buttons. No activating the controller. It just came on. Since I wasn’t ready to use it, I shut it down. Now it won’t power on no matter what I do. I just won’t.

First my Kindle was stollen at a medical center before my appointment, now my 360. Fortunately a new Kindle was bought for my birthday. I just have to wait for it to  arrive.

i also just found out that my Sister and Brother (in-law) are sending me their old 360 since they have an Xbox One. That is just awesome.

Tomorrow I’ll post about the anime Gantz. So for all you out there “Spoilers”. And the next day the game Deadman’s Cross.

So no matter how bad it gets, keep gaming,


A bad day for a gamer

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